Peter Ibsen

Art advisor and gallerist

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Peter Ibsen

Art advisor and gallerist



Collector, art advisor and cardamom bun lover, Peter Ibsen @pibsen comes from Copenhagen, where he reveals unknown artists in his gallery Sunday-S @sundays_cph.
His selection is multiple, personal and sharp, so is his danish lifestyle. You can discover there the minimal and delicate works of Luke Diiorio, Otis Jones or Wolfgang Voegele.
Make a coffee, take a breath. Welcome to the quiet and arty world of Peter ☕.

Who are you ?

Father of three kids, collector, art advisor and now also gallerist. Totally addicted to Yoga and living « Less is more » in Copenhagen.

If you had to explain your job to a 6 years old child?

Showing paintings with almost no paint on them and preferably black and white. Helping collectors get access to paintings by unknown artists.

What your favorite part in Copenhagen?

Depends on the day, mood, time and weather. But overall there are small hidden gems : Juno the bakery the best in østerbro @juno_the_bakery.
Granola café, in værnedamsgade street Granola Café.
Biking past the lakes, headed for La Banchina @labanchinacph.
The interior design store &tradition @and tradition.
So many great places, it is hard to choose !

What do you usually do on Monday mornings?

Up at 6am. First make espresso then breakfast for the kids, going to school with Ella, my daughter. Off to Yoga class on Monday for my Vinyasa Flow class.

What is your favorite book to quote during a date ?

I'm not dating, but if I did i would quote a speech from my grandfather to my grandmother : « Always say yes to new experiences. If you say no, the door close and you loose that moment forever. If you say yes, you might be surprised how amazing life can be ».



What is your favorite month?

August in Copenhagen or at the summerhouse by the sea.

What is the oldest object you possess ?

My grandfather's old Omega watch, I got it when he passed away...

Which song do you ask to the DJ to play when you are drunk?

The Boss / James Brown

What was the last thing that suprised you ?

I recently meet a great artist aged of 86 in Barcelona.Totally amazing as she was more young than many my age and much more alive, unbeatable moment...

Which object makes you nostalgic?

Chestnuts ! Or my old Italian coffee grinder.

Write the first 10 words you have in mind

Green juice or salmon for lunch. Should I go to London Frieze ? Sorry 11 words

if you had to go somewhere to spend 1 month alone, where would you go?

Yoga retreat somewhere warm, strange and not expected.

What object defines you the most ?

Iphone or my glasses

The last thing that make you laugh on the internet?

The Pocket book of boners


Don't miss it - James Blake
Hold On, we're going home - Sons of the east
Game Winner - Joey Dosik
Alone - Acoustic - Jessie Ware
It'll all be over - Supreme Jubilees
Momma don't tell - Leifur James
One another - Joe Hertz
Can't you see - Matthew and the atlas
Awake me - Rosie Carney
The Kingfisher - Rosemary & Garlic
Lighthouse - Axel Flovent
Feeling you - Harrison Storm
Cali - Matthew and the Atlas
Moonlight - Allman Brown

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