Pauline Chardin

Style consultant and photographer

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Pauline Chardin

Style consultant and photographer



From Japanese forests to the heart of major Indian cities, @pauline_chardin captures the finest details in the four corners of the world.
In Paris, where she lives and works as a Style consultant and photographer, she maintains her traveling explorer spirit with her site The Voyageur a concentrate of delicate and detailed addresses.
While waiting to pack your suitcase to go on a journey, discover Pauline's refined and mixed universe. ✈️

Who are you ?

I'm a style consultant and photographer based in Paris. I'm also behind The Voyageur which means travel is almost always on my mind.

If you had to explain your job to a 6 years old child?

My job is to put together stories and tell them well enough so people would be inspired to make their own.

What do you usually do on Monday mornings? 

The great luxury of working mostly from home is that you can almost turn monday mornings into sunday mornings. For me that's homemade pancakes in front of a movie.

The most astonished thing you see during a trip ?

That's a hard one, there could be a tie between sunset on a canoe on lake Vembabad in India, walking through the magnetic forests of Yakushima island in Japan and Brasilia's Itamaraty palace's impossibly sensual architecture.

If you had to go somewhere to spend 1 month alone, where would you go?

On Tinos island in Greece. It's just water, sun and rocks there. It's ascetic in the best way.



Any idea to travel while staying in Paris ?

When I really miss Asia I go to the Jardin d'Agronomie tropicale.

What is the oldest object you possess ?

A Japanese ukiyo-e from the late 19th century.

What is your favorite month? 

April. Beginning of spring. A great time to travel, a moment where everything seems possible again, when all the best months have yet to come.

What is the last creative thing/personnality that inspire you ?

I've recently met the artist Bill Sullivan at Offprint in Paris and I'm really loving his work. It's about collecting and recomposing, which really speaks to me. His publishing house, SUN ( is a great discovery.

What is your mood on sunday evenings? 

I try to tackle personal projects during weekends, so if all went well, I'm getting that nice feeling of having made some progress in my creative endeavors, whatever they may be!

When you were a child, what job did you imagine doing?

I was dreaming of being a fashion designer actually. It was probably a much more flamboyant fantasy that my current reality !

The last thing that suprised you ?

Finally stepping in the house we're building in the south of France. It's been going on for more than three years and that moment when you see the space you have dreamt of for so long is pretty special.

Which object makes you nostalgic?

My grand-mother's wedding ring. She used to complain about how thin it was, which I always thought was beautiful. It reminds me about my childhood with her.

What object defines you the most ?

A pair of Australian rust-colored pleated pants from the 1940's. They have a masculine ease which is sensual in a way. I like to imagine that they used to belong to a free-spirited, outdoorsy Australian woman.

The last thing that make you laugh on the internet?


Your next projects, real or dreamed ?

Moving in our future house, planting trees, finding sculptures for our garden, writing a cookbook, painting, drawing, building stuff, having a baby...the list goes on!

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