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Patricia is the definition of energy.

Born in Spain she is now trying to bring the sun in London. Actress, model and singer, her creativity has no borders. But beware, as the unicorns she is hard to follow.

Buena suerte.

Who are you?

I am a magical unicorn

How can you explain your job to your mother? 

I don´t even know how to explain this to some of my friends. Basically I´m an actress who is trying to make music and loves writing. I can´t do only one thing: I need to express myself in many ways, even when I´m cooking, I am busy as well with something else (I love food... for me cooking is the expression of LOVE and I try to show my values through the food as well). 

What is you favorite book to quote during a date? 

"Miracle de la Rose", by Jean Genet. I have a weakness for French writers, but when I got to read this one I definitely said yes to a second date. 

When / where do you feel the most creative? 

This is kind of weird, but  I just have to be in a very neutral mood. If I am fucked up I can´t do anything! I am not a catarsis kind of person, and If I´m happy i usually don´t have the need of making music or writing... I just keep on dancing! hahaha... I´m working on it, though, because I don´t think it´s healthy to create from that specific mood. I guess it takes time when emotions are involved. 

What is usually your favorite month? 

My favorite time of the year used to be summer because I love the sun, but lately I realized that I prefer January with its sunny and rainy days. I need time to be alone and when the summer comes I feel the pressure of having to do many things at a time and to be surrounded by people constantly. So I chose January: its a month full of hope, the beginning of everything and so on... It´s pretty nice seeing yourself trying to start again every year. 



Which song do you ask to the DJ when you are drunk?

My Sharona. It´s my drunk song... Definitely. 

What is the oldest object that you have? 

Tomas, my stuffed animal: they put it in my craddle when I was born and it is still with me. It´s more a good-luck charm than an object.

What is your mood on Sunday evening? 

Do NOT Disturb. I won´t see anybody. I usually cook for myself while I listen to good music. Maybe some yoga, a book sometimes and my BED, always.

When you pretend to be busy, what do you really do? 

As a Unicorn, when I´m bored, I polish my horn

What was your last surprise? 

My kitty! Maybe it isn´t the last one but it has been the prettiest of all. I found two months-old James in the dumpster all by itself trying to get some food... and I adopted her. 

Which object make you nostalgic?


Write the first 10 words you have in mind

alarm light Agenda Anxiety Pol Dance Chocolate Rehearsal Time Family Email Meditation Yoga Fuck It was only 10

If you have to spend 1 month somewhere alone where do you go? 

New York

What is your idea of happiness?

A time when you stop thinking about the future.

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