Nastasia Dusapin


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Nastasia Dusapin




Graduated from Les Gobelins School, Nastasia is a photographer and film director based in Paris. She worked with the most prestigious brands and magazines and splits her time between France and U.S.

The creations of Nastasia have a taste of eternity. She has the talent to capture energy and life. For a moment, we forget context, limits, and time.

Jump in her sensual world, you will fall in love too.

Who are you?

I am a dreamer for a better world

How can you explain your job to your mother?

I take pictures that portray femininity

What is your favorite book to quote during a date?

“The life changing magic of tidying up”

When / where do you feel the most creative?

When I travel - on the plane or the train. I always carry notebooks where I like to write ideas, thoughts, the things I am grateful for, plan my week, or draw.

What is usually your favorite month?

It would be May because spring is my favorite season to take pictures and be inspired, the weather is better and the flowers are blooming. People are excited about the upcoming summer, in a better mood, more positive, and willing to do things outside.



What is the oldest object that you have?

An old ring from my grandmother, she lives in Italy, Rome so I don’t get to see her and my family there as much as I would like to and I miss them very much.

What is your mood on Sunday evening?

It varies, but it’s the only day I don’t feel guilty if I’m not working so I try to use it to rest, write at a café or improve my drawing skills, so I would say my mood is relaxed and excited about the upcoming week.

When you pretend to be busy, what do you really do?

I never feel ashamed for how I spend my time so I don’t pretend. When I’m alone and don’t feel like going outside, seeing people or working, I like to read, write, drum, draw or watch Netflix.

Which object makes you nostalgic?

Old pictures of me, my brother and my parents

Write the first 10 words you have in mind?

San Francisco, nature, sunset, ocean, waves, mountains, travelling, wild, inspired, freedom

If you have to spend 1 month somewhere alone where do you go?

New Zealand – I can’t wait to finally go there, shoot pictures and discover their culture

What is your idea of happiness?

Nothing to worry about on your plate. Love, friends, a sunset on the beach, passionate and fulfilled by my work.

What is your favorite object?

My analog camera, contax T2

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