Marie Dewet

Founder of MaisonCléo

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Marie Dewet

Founder of MaisonCléo



Ok guys, as you know winter is coming.

But this year we want to be ready and instead of waiting for the cold, we chased it. Indeed, for this collection, we decided to meet Marie Dewet in the north of France (Lille) the founder of the fashion label MaisonCléo.

MaisonCléo it is a family story - Marie founded this brand with her mother. They imagine and create each piece by hand.

So hurry to order, as you can imagine the collections are very limited!

Where are you from?

I am from Calais, in the north of France

Where do you live now?

I am living in Lille

How can you explain your job to your mother?

Easy, I am drawing and she sews

When / where do you feel the most creative?

When I'm on the train. I never have time to do anything and when I'm on the train this is the only place where I have to wait and do nothing so this is where I draw and where I can work on my creations!

What is usually your favorite month?

June not for the weather or the heat but because there is light late



Which song do you ask to the DJ when you are drunk?

Any song of Claude François, but no need to have drunk to ask, I do not drink!

What is the oldest object that you have?

A dress of my grandmother's grandmother, made by her-even in the late 1800s

When you pretend to be busy, what do you really do?

full of things at the same time, and in those moments my biggest dream is that a day can last twice as long

What was your last surprise?

It's such a surprise that I can not talk about it;)

What's your mood on Sundays?

work work work! New models come out of the workshop;)

Which object makes you nostalgic?

An old photo album

If you have to spend 1 month somewhere alone where do you go?

At my grandfather's place. I couldn't go 1 month alone somewhere, I have to see it at least once every 15 days minimum, it's essential for me!

What was the last thing that make you laugh on the internet?

A woman who tells of her childbirth with humor, relaxing after this work day aha!

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