Jacqulyn Whang

Yogi Public school teacher

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Jacqulyn Whang

Yogi Public school teacher



We discover Jacqulyn in an Outdoor voice's stories on Instagram. As she was doing easily yoga pause on the rocks near the sea, we was already finding treasure about her life.

She raised in a korean immigrant family based in California. She is now a Compton public school teacher in Los Angeles and a passionated Yoga instructor. Her mantra: "Decolonize our bodies. Decolonize our minds".

Peace and energic: here is Jacqulyn selection on le barda

Who are you?

I am the daughter of immigrants. My was a North Korean refugee, while my mom was raised in South Korea. I am my family, Southern California bred. I am a high school teacher and yoga instructor. I am a self healer and giver; a poet at heart.

If you had to explain your job to your grandparents?

I would tell them that I am a life-long learner and an educator. I believe in the public school system, so I am not ¨just¨ a teacher. I am a front line worker who makes systematic change from bottom up. I teach yoga because it is a practice that has helped me heal in my personal traumas and brought me awakenings--I want to share these.

What do you usually do on Monday mornings?

6:15 A.M. I wake up and get ready for work. I eat a banana and make either a cup of tea or coffee. I drive to work in Compton, which takes about 20 minutes. Once I arrive, I go to my classroom and set up the room. I like to go early to breath and make space for a welcoming spirit that both invites students to find home and challenge. I spend my mornings with my students.

What is your favorite book to quote during a date ?

My favorite book I would want to quote during a date is Hagakureś Book of Samarai. But I haven´t done this yet.

What is your favorite month?




What do you usually do Thursday nights?

I teach yoga at Delicious Vinyl on Sunset!

What is the oldest object you possess ?

My grandmaś jewelry

Which song do you ask to the DJ to play when you are drunk?

Musiq Soulchild-Just Friends

What is your mood on sunday evenings?

Rest rest rest. Do anything that makes me feel good and relaxed. Preserve my peace. Positive Affirmations only.

When you pretend to be busy, what are you really doing?

Avoiding things that I really should be doing….But rarely do I like to pretend to be busy. I love loitering.

What was your last surprise? The last thing that suprised you ?

This week I got a bonus check from Compton Unified. The teachers union won a negotiation and we received a compensation check!

Which object makes you nostalgic?

My body, every part of it.

Write the first 10 words you have in mind

Grounded Stability Peace Center Slow Down There is Enough Time

If you had to go somewhere to spend 1 month alone, where would you go?

Somewhere near the water and not to far from the mountains. Just let me bring my journal, my mat, and some good music.

What object defines you the most ?

A pen because words can open new dimensions-paradigm shifts.

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