Eva Hatik

Model & Actress

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Eva Hatik

Model & Actress



For this beautiful summer, we are glad to present you Eva, a brilliant student, model and actress living in the heart of Paris.

She recently collaborated with the rapper Moha La Squale and she has a lot of upcoming projects in her bags.

One thing is sure, her fresh and timeless universe is not ephemeral. We can now count on Eva - and we are delighted.

Where are you from?

Evry in the southern parisian suburb Essonne.

Where do you live now?

Between the 18th arrondissement of Paris and my hometown.

How can you explain your job to your mother?

Trying to do what I like the most while finishing my studies.

What is your favorite book to quote during a date?

Lait et Miel of Rupi Kaur. In case I want to warn him that I’m quite an emotional mess.

When / where do you feel the most creative?

When I’m rambling through Paris or when I’m travelling and discovering new places and cities. I also feel more creative during the night which causes me lots of insomnias and unwanted naps in the métro…



What is usually your favorite month?

My favorite month is June, days are longer, it’s a pleasure to cycle, and I’m getting excited about summer

Which song do you ask to the DJ when you are drunk?

If I’m with my friends and we drank a lot it, we will ask the nostalgic song Femme Like U of K-maro for sure.

What is the oldest object that you have?

My grandmas levis big denim jacket. She wore it when she was my age and she gave it to me when I was 15. I still wear it today.

When you pretend to be busy, what do you really do?

I’m chilling at my parents house, taking some rest and taking long hot baths during winter (my favorite thing to do).

What was your last surprise?

The validation of my first semester

What's your mood on Sundays?


· What was the last thing that make you laugh on the internet?

A picture from Celeste Barber, I love her humour and how she gently mocks celeb instagram pictures https://www.instagram.com/p/BejSm5phqH-/?hl=fr&taken-by=celestebarber

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