Eddie Mitsou

Model and health food expert

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Eddie Mitsou

Model and health food expert



Eddie is an eternal traveler.

She was born in Stockholm, lived in Paris then moved to New York and is now based in L.A. Between modeling, travels and food, Eddie doesn't have a lot of time for her and she manages her Sundays as our Mondays.

Last project: she is currently working on a 100% allergen free, vegan protein bar that should be on the market pretty soon!

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Where are you from?

I'm from Stockholm, Sweden

Where do you live now?

I have an apartment in LA and try to spend most of my time here, but the past year I've been pretty much 50/50 bicoastal. In New York I stay in Little Italy or Williamsburg.

How can you explain your job to your mother?

My mother is my best friend and we speak pretty much everyday on the phone. She knows everything about my everyday life and since my life and work go very hand in hand it's not much she wouldn't understand. She was also the one who send me off to Paris at age of fourteen to pursue my dreams - so she understood it from the beginning!

What do you love most about your job?

Modeling it's for sure the traveling and the opportunities to being portrayed at different places. I've shot at legendary James Goldstein residence, in a secret underwater cave in Costa Rica, at Stockholm's most famous nightclub but off hours during the day, at the most gigantic and beautiful Parisian apartment, at a strange animal farm in Cuba... List goes on an on. When it comes to my work in the health scene, it's that I get the opportunity to inspire people that makes me the happiest. And, eating yummy foods too of course ;)

When / where do you feel the most creative?

Time wise it's in the morning. I love daylight and I think the morning has a special kind of calmness. When it comes to place it's definitely when I'm around people. I feed off seeing other people work or doing things - it inspires me to work harder. I always go to a coffee shop when I have computer stuff to work on.



What is the oldest object that you have?

I have a lot of vintage clothes that are pretty old, but really thinking about it one of my oldest objects must be this necklace I bought when I was living in Istanbul back in 2013. It's a gold medallion black stone piece. I was 19 years old at the time and my career had not yet taken off. I found it in an antique store and the price (around €150) was way more expensive than any jewelry I ever previously had bought. But something about the stone spoke to me and I decided to buy it as a lucky piece - to help me remind me of my goal and stay focused. I wore it everyday and only after a month I had reached my main life goal: to move to New York City. I'm not super superstitious - but this is something that helped me set intentions and not give up. When I wear it today I always think about that little, lost teenage girl with so many hopes and dreams - and it reminds me of how grateful I am for the life I have today. And that I actually should be proud of my own accomplishments! Something that is easy to forget in a world full of negativity and self doubt...

When you pretend to be busy, what do you really do?

Even when I'm not busy I will make myself busy. Wake up, yoga class, lunch date, coffee with another friend, another yoga class, meditation class, dinner with another friend and then some event or dinner party at night. I'm a very restless person and have a hard time just relaxing or being lazy. So even if I have a day off I will make sure it has a full schedule. But to be honest, I am always busy, I don't pretend ;)

Which object makes you nostalgic?

I am a very nostalgic person! I've been writing diaries for a decade and looking through them always make me nostalgic. I always fill them with pictures, receipts, stickers and odd random tickets - so it's not only text - the pictures wakes the nostalgia even more.

If you have to spend 1 month somewhere alone where do you go?

I love to travel by myself (which is essential for a model) and that's something I've done many times. I spent a month in Cape Town which was one of my favorites because it was a place where I could both enjoy a city and beautiful nature. I could never go alone to a place where I would feel lonely (as we know would stop my creative process too!), I would pick a place where I was alone around people - with the opportunity to meet new ones. A place I've always wanted to go is Australia. Maybe Melbourne?!

You've been a professional model since 2008, do you feel like the industry has changed a lot since you started?

Yes, definitely. When I started off my career we all had actual portfolios we carried around. Big, heavy books that we dragged around in between castings to show clients. They were always unpractical big and you had to carry it in a backpack along with your high heels and a snack. Today, most girls I know have digital portfolios and then carry around a little chic iPad that fits in any purse. Aside from that, I know for a fact that Instagram had a very big impact. Today is more about the amount of followers you have then about your look. It's become twisted in the way that the clients picks the blonde girl which most followers - over the blondie that might have suited the label best. Social media was not excising when I started my career. Things like that make me feel old...

Any advice to someone trying to have a career like yours?

No matter what career you pick or what you decide to do, I think the one thing that's important is simply to believe in yourself. Trust your own instinct, follow your dream and don't listen to negative people around you. You can make anything become reality. It's all about setting intensions, hard work and focus. That's what worked for me - and I truly believe that if I would've wanted to become a doctor - I could've. It's all about what your passion is and how hard you work.

What are your next big project?

I have a vegan health food website where you can find hundreds of recipes of easy-to-make healthy vegan dishes and also read restaurant reviews from around the world. Check it out eddiemitsou.com. My latest project is that I'm developing a 100% allergen free, vegan protein bar that hopefully will be on the market the next couple of months. It's a dream I've always had - to create a product that will make people realize that being vegan and health conscious isn't too bad ;)

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