Daniela Jacobs

Founder of ARC Objects

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Daniela Jacobs

Founder of ARC Objects



Daniela Jacobs lives in New York, the bustling city that never sleeps.

In her workshop in downtown Manhattan, where she designs and makes her porcelain objects, time seems suspended. The products from the ARC Objects line, designed like sculptures, are inspired by nature's boldness and warmth.

The ivory porcelain–sweet and brightly colored, a common thread–invites us to slow down. Welcome to Daniela's timeless and invigorating artistic universe.


Who are you?

I am Daniela Jacobs, designer behind the brand ARC objects.

If you had to explain your job to your grandparents?

I design jewelry–simple but bold pieces, made primarily from porcelain and silver; and objects for the home– things for interior spaces that have more than one use. Within each of these realms, I like to experiment with the limits of "wearable" and "functional" sculpture.

What do you usually do on Monday mornings?

I start every morning with a glass of water, then a cup of espresso with milk. I usually start Mondays catching up on emails and planning out / mentally sketching out the week.

What is your favorite book to quote during a date ?

Hm... I suppose whatever I'm reading at the time would be at the forefront of my thoughts to bring up in conversation. Right now I'm reading Selected Writings by Walter Benjamin – definitely a lot of food for thought there...!

What is your favorite month?

July or August, definitely! I love the summer.



What do you usually do Thursday nights?

In New York, Thursday nights are often when art exhibitions or events take place, so that's a fun way to end the day if something interesting is going on... Otherwise work is usually followed by a nice meal, either with company or alone. Even if I have to work more afterwards, I think an intentional dinner break is an important way to punctuate the evening.

What is the oldest object you possess ?

There are a lot of things I've had for a long time... Perhaps the thing I have that's technically the oldest is a plant that is the "offspring" of a plant my great-great-grandmother brought with her from Italy when she immigrated to New York in the 1890s. (My grandmother inherited the original plant, and at some point gave me a shoot from it, which I re-potted and still sits happily and healthily on my windowsill.)

Which song do you ask to the DJ to play when you are drunk?

Ha – probably "Hasta Que Se Seque El Malecón." I love reggaeton.

What is your mood on sunday evenings?

Usually I like to be cozy on Sunday evenings.

When you pretend to be busy, what are you really doing?

Swimming !

What was your last surprise? The last thing that suprised you ?

I just got a text message from a friend I was thinking about right at that moment!

Which object makes you nostalgic?

VHS tapes.

Write the first 10 words you have in mind

Moments, accents, sea, sun, heat, tickle, brush, delicate, love, throughout.

If you had to go somewhere to spend 1 month alone, where would you go?

Somewhere in the Mediterranean, in one of the warm months...

What object defines you the most ?

I don't think there is one...

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