Charlotte Dereux

Founder of Patine

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Charlotte Dereux

Founder of Patine



Beautiful, eco-friendly and feel good essential clothing : that is @patineparis, the Charlotte Dereux’s project.

Parisian, as effervescent as she is committed, she has decided in 2016 to take part in the new « cool and conscious » fashion.

Making the best of the 80’s spirit (the movie « La Boum » always in a corner of her head), a rolled-up t-shirt and enthusiast look in her eyes, she invites us into her tenderly vintage world.

The future is now, and so is Charlotte’s selection, as an exclusive on Le Barda.

Who are you ?

I am Charlotte, cofounder of the « PATiNE » label !

If you had to explain what you do for a living to your grandparents ?

I make nowadays clothes but in yesterday quality. And I show my « store » to my grandmother on my phone. She finds it quite impressive, anyway less than animated masks on Instagram stories are.

What do you usually do on Monday mornings ?

I make lukewarm lemon juice in a kettle, it seems that it is good for everything ;) I take my kids to school and I head to the office to schedule the week with my business partner Nicolas, while drinking the first of a series of XL soy vanilla lattes.

The book you could quote on a date ?

I feel a slightly disturbing passion towards biographies. That would be ShoeDog, Phil Knight’s (Nike’s founder) memories, or Let My People fo surfing, from Patagonia’s founder.

Your favorite month ?

December. I am a big fan of Christmas celebrated the American way. Equally ranked with June for the summer warmth and the days that get longer.



What do you usually do on thursday nights ?

I watch Netflix with my boyfriend.

The oldest thing you possess ?

A skirt from my grandmother’s. Hand-embroidered with big flowers. I wear it with sneakers.

The song you ask for the DJ to put on (when you’re drunk)

How will I know, Whitney Houston.

What is your sunday evening mood ?

Ever since I was a little child, I have had the « sunday evening blues ». I feel better now that I have founded my label, the anxiety I felt at the beginning of the week has vanished!

When you pretend to be busy, what are you really doing ?

I refresh my Instagram feed.

Which object makes you nostalgic ?

My navy blue Converse All-Star. The first time I felt « fresh » :)

Write the first 10 words you have in mind?

Custard, Texas, Lurex, Vintage, Latte, Kids, Travel, Mille-feuilles, Week-end. There is one missing. Colors.

If you have to spend 1 month somewhere alone where do you go?

A roadtrip in the USA in a camper van. With the kids.

What object defines you the most ?

A mug !

What was the last thing that made you laugh on the internet?

The photographer Alice Moitié’s story. I do not know her in real life but i’m a fan. And Tiffany Cooper’s sketches. @alicemoitie
And the illustrations of Tiffany Cooper. @tiffanycooper_

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