Camille Gorin

Model & Photographer

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Camille Gorin

Model & Photographer



Camille is one of this young and inspiring creative who is feeling confortable in front or behind the camera!

Based in Paris, Camille is splitting her time between modeling and traveling around the world. Her photographies are raw and authentic - full of sensations and spontaneity.

In short, in her image, without any makeup.

So switch on the playlist and discover the inspiring work and universe of Camille

Who are you?

I am Camille Gorin, a model and creative living in Paris and traveling the world. Here is my diary:

How can you explain your job to your mother? 

Sometimes I’m in front of the camera, sometimes I’m behind the camera.

When and where do you feel the most creative?

While I’m in my shower, after strolling in the streets and after three drinks.

What is usually your favorite month?

June had always been the most promising one to me

What is the oldest object that you have?

My grandmother’s wedding ring



What is your mood on Sunday evening?


What was your last surprise?

I offered my cousin Michou’s autobiography « Michou Prince bleu de Montmartre » ! She loves him. He is a legend.

Write the first 10 words you have in mind?

Passion, sex, nose, rock and roll, cellphone, blue, light, hole, socks, love

If you have to spend 1 month somewhere alone where do you go?

New York

What is your idea of happiness?

To try things. To stay true to ourselves and close to the ones that we love and love us back like we deserve

What was the last thing that make you laugh on the internet?

It may be some Salt Bae’s Instagram videos cooking meat

What is your favorite object?

Any book. Or maybe a Philippe Djian’s. He is the best!

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